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Clarke’s classic spotlight on … chicken, mushroom, and leek pie

October 18, 2023

Sally Clarke’s classic chicken pie – A secret shared in time for Thanksgiving

This perfectly prepared, shaped, and baked chicken, mushroom, and leek pie is ready for you to slice and serve. If you prefer to serve it hot, simply pre-heat your oven to 180 celsius, place on an ovenproof tray, and heat for 20 mins or until warmed through. Cooking times will vary according to slice, slices, full pie, or if you’re warming one or more of our delicious chicken, mushroom, and leek pasties.

If you wish to make it at home – or know our secret recipe – follow this thread as Sally shares what you will need to do. First, put on your apron … and put aside some quality time. It’s not a quick process, but well worth it. Of course, if you are time-poor, you know we are a click or phone call away and will have one ready for you!

Without further ado ~ the recipe

Make a savoury pastry using unsalted butter, plain flour, salt, and egg yolk. Keep it in the fridge to rest before rolling.

Meanwhile, choose a beautiful farm-reared chicken, trim the excess fat and skin, then rub it with olive oil, herbs, and crushed garlic. Roast until the meat falls off the bone (approximately 1-1.5 hours). Allow the chicken to cool slightly and remove the meat from the bone. 

Next, make your stock with fresh vegetables and herbs, all the bones, and water. 

Simmer for 3-4 hours until flavoursome. 

Slice leeks and mushrooms and sauté in olive oil with salt and pepper.

Make a delicious sauce using butter and flour, the strained stock and more herbs, and seasoning. 

Next, roll the pastry into 2 discs – one to line the tart tin and one to serve as the ‘lid’. 

Bake the tart base ‘blind’ until golden using baking beans to retain the shape.

Mix the cooled chicken pieces with the leek, mushrooms, and sauce. Pour into the baked pastry case then cover with the pastry ‘lid’, carefully crimping the edges together.  

Brush with egg yolk, sprinkle with sea salt and chopped fresh herbs.

Bake in the oven until beautiful, and deliciously golden.

Serve with pride!

As we’ve said, if this is all a bit much, today, and you simply want us to make it, please use this link to the Sally Clarke online shop and follow the prompts, or call us on 020 7229 2190 ~ order the original classic tried and true. Of course, whatever way you go about it ~ do serve with pride!

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