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News and Sunday’s favourite

June 7, 2020

 As we gently and tentatively start to move away from the terrors of C19,

we are pleased to announce that later this month  we will be extending the Corner Shop.  

Once social distancing is a thing of the past,¬†we will allow ‚Äėthrough-traffic‚Äô¬†from¬†the existing shop to the Corner,¬†

but for the moment we will be allowing just 2 customers to enter each area at a time.

We so look forward to welcoming you.


Meanwhile over the road at the Restaurant, we are wrestling with decisions;

how to balance the safety of our staff and customers, expected seating layout and the staffing of the Kitchen and Dining Rooms.  

Within the next few weeks we will have an opening date to share with you and our reservation system will be fired up into action.  

Please keep in touch with us by checking our website regularly,¬†including our Shop opening times, online Cellar and future Sally’s Favourites.¬†


This week’s Sunday favourite – The Apricot


The imminent arrival of early summer is often heralded¬†by¬†the appearance¬†¬†of the first apricots –

usually from Spain or Italy, then a little later in the month, from France. 

I can safely say that summer is now here – despite the lovely rain…!


Apricots have to be one of the most versatile fruits –

they lend themselves beautifully to both sweet and savoury dishes: 

jams, compotes and fruit sauces, relishes and chutneys, 

halved and roasted with pork or ham, or tucked into tarts, crumbles or pies. 

One of my most favourite dishes is also the most simple;

perfectly ripe, they may be sliced into wedges and placed in 

and amongst salad leaves, with a simple dressing of fabulous olive oil, 

sea salt and pepper and a splash of citrus juice or vinegar.  

 Served alongside a soft goat cheese or  some ricotta perhaps,

with toasted ciabatta, or a selection of cold meats,

this can make the most pleasing lunch or supper dish. 

Simply finished with a few toasted pinenuts and snipped chive blossoms,

this dish becomes the prettiest plate of all.


We have made apricot jam for over 30 years, 

always using the same tried and tested recipe*

which uses a lower-than-usual ratio of sugar

plus freshly squeezed lemon juice. 

(This is a lovely way to use up overripe fruit).

In essence, the recipe is as follows:

Wash the apricots, cut into 1/4’s or 1/6’s and place 

in a stainless steel pan with half their weight in sugar.

Leave on one side,  covered for a few hours to macerate,

then place over a very low heat without stirring, 

allowing the sugar to dissolve slowly. 

 Bring to a gentle boil and cook for up to 30 minutes

or until the fruit is very soft and the jam is thick and shiny. 

We love to add the apricot kernels as it adds an almond-y kick to the acidity. 

Simply crack the stones carefully with a small hammer, remove the ‚Äėnut‚Äô inside,¬†

blanch them in a scant amount of boiling water for a few seconds, peel and 

then shred finely before stirring into the finished jam before potting. 


This year I have added a few strawberries to my homemade jam and

even a sprig or 2 of spearmint. (Once you have mastered the art of jam making,

you too will be able to move into so many  wonderful combinations

of flavours and colours – it just needs a little confidence).

Always remember that a slightly undercooked jam is better than over cooked. 

This way, the colour, flavour and texture is so much more pleasing

than a solid jammy lump that needs digging out of the jar!

Wishing you luck with this, good health and a delicious week.


Shop opening hours:

Monday 10.30am – 3pm

Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 3pm.

Closed on Sundays.


*If you would like to see the full jam recipe and much more

please click ‘Books’ in the navigation bar to be re-directed to view¬†

Recipes from a Restaurant, Shop and Bakery

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