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Please note

Sally Clarke Bakery is our wholesale bakery for trade customers only.

If you have any enquiries please email us on, please send us your trading location and product interests and we will reply to you within 5 working days


Sally Clarke Wholesale Bakery was established in 1989 to meet the growing demand for our top-quality, hand-shaped artisan breads, Viennoiserie and patisserie, which we still serve in the restaurant and shop. This remains our focus today and the bakery produces a full range of baked goods together with a seasonally changing range of cakes, sweet and savoury tarts, muffins and cookies.

Our artisan table and sandwich breads and rolls are produced using traditional methods incorporating a select range of quality ingredients. We incorporate naturally fermented levain into most of our doughs, thus limiting the use of yeast. This extends the length of the production process and adds to both the complexity of the taste as well as the longevity of the breads. Our naturally enriched breads, including brioche burger buns, are produced in the same way and are perfect for filling or street food.


All orders must be placed, amended or cancelled by 13h00 on the day prior to delivery and 48hr prior for our 48hr products . Orders for the weekend, Monday and Tuesday (48hr breads) should be placed on the preceding Friday before 13h00; for long weekends, orders are to be placed for the Tuesday and Wednesday (48hr breads) on the Friday preceding the long weekend.

The administration office is closed over the weekend and Bank Holidays, over these periods orders cannot be placed, amend or cancelled.

We recommend that orders are placed and amended by email:

Telephone 020 7042 7987 /8

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